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Buying or refinancing? Belay Mortgage Group is here to help you reach your property-buying goals. We’re the most experienced mortgage lenders in Vancouver, WA. Whether you’re buying your first home or your tenth investment property, we’ve got you covered.

From strategy to financing, we will walk you through every step of the property-buying process with services that are catered to your unique needs. Our highly professional mortgage advisors are here to guide you home.

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Securing financing to purchase a property has a lot of moving parts. You have to submit your application, gather bank statements, organize tax records, and so much more. But the support of an experienced mortgage broker can take the stress out of the days and weeks leading up to your closing.

Belay Mortage Group is here to help. Our team of top-notch mortgage advisors will guide you through the financing process with services that are tailored to your unique goals and needs. Our team is based in Vancouver, WA, and we offer mortgage brokerage and consulting services across Washington, Oregon, and California.

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Our Services

Mortgage Lending ​

Whether you’re buying your first home or looking for a new investment property, there’s lots of stress and complications involved in mortgages and financing. That’s where we come in. We help our clients with all their Mortgage Lending needs so they can enjoy the fun and excitement of purchasing real estate.

Credit Assessment

Our Credit Assessment services cater towards getting our clients in the right financial situation to obtain a loan. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. Check out our opening hours and schedule a consultation appointment today!

First-Time Homebuyer Financing

Securing a mortgage can feel overwhelming when you’re buying your first home. That’s where we can help! Belay Mortgage Group streamlines the mortgage lending process so you can focus on the excitement of purchasing your new home.

Investment Property Purchase Consulting

Investing in real estate is a great way to set yourself up for financial success. Whether you want an extra stream of income or you’re looking to build a diverse real estate portfolio, we will walk you through a variety of tried-and-true real estate investing strategies to help you make the best decisions for your investments.

Mortgage Review

As your financial situation evolves, refinancing your mortgage is a great way to navigate those changes. It can help you save money or make payments more manageable. Our mortgage reviews enable you to tap into professional insight for guidance as you face life changes.

Mortgage Consulting ​

Securing a mortgage is a significant financial undertaking, and the guidance of a professional can come in handy to make this process more seamless. We offer the support you need to make these large life decisions with confidence.

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