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Belay Mortgage Group was founded in 2018 in Vancouver, Washington. We are a Veteran and Woman owned boutique mortgage brokerage serving Washington State, Oregon, and California. 
With more than 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry and a tech background, Belay Mortgage’s founders established the brokerage with the mindset that they wanted to improve the often lengthy and rocky process of lending for clients, employees, and partners. The founders knew the mortgage and home buying process could be so much easier and faster, assuring a positive experience for all involved. Turns out they were right! 
The name Belay stems from a climbing term used in both rock climbing and mountaineering. To be “on Belay” means you are secured with a team to an anchor point. The Belay Team is your anchor point! We believe the process of financing can seem as difficult as reaching the top of a mountain. On your own, reaching the top seems impossible. But with a team, your Belay team, the impossible becomes achievable. At Belay, we guide you through the process and get you to the “top”, which is the celebration of getting those keys to your new home. 

Built upon the foundational belief that people, relationships, and impeccable client service come first, Belay uses innovative techniques, technology, and processes. This enables us to work efficiently, effectively, and quickly, freeing up time for our brokers to focus on developing and nurturing relationships with their Belay colleagues, clients, and partners to assure continued and elevated success.
We pride ourselves on providing a compassionate, fun, people-first, and open-door transparent atmosphere. We are committed to empowering our employees to succeed and continually grow both personally and professionally, all while ensuring our clients are always pleased.


Belay Mortgage Group’s mission is simple: help people achieve the dream of homeownership by meeting people where they are and working with them to strategically plan the best loan options for their unique situation with competitive pricing, superb client service, and innovation.

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We believe that home ownership is a path to wealth and security. We work relentlessly to ensure the dream of home ownership is actualized for anyone who can qualify to buy a home. Through our ingenuity and tenacity, we work with each client to find a loan they qualify for based on their financial situation and what they can afford. We want our clients to succeed on their path to wealth and security through home ownership, so we ensure they demonstrate the financial ability to meet the terms of the loan and can comfortably afford to meet the terms of the loan and payments. To achieve our vision, we’re constantly learning, adapting, and improving our services and offering competitive pricing by integrating ingenious solutions and services to make the home-buying process as transparent, seamless, and easy as possible for our clients.


1. Compassion

People come first at Belay. Our team is kind, thoughtful, generous, and understanding. We recognize and empathize that everyone’s situation is unique. We meet people where they are and work collaboratively with our clients, partners, and community to always find a lending solution that works for all involved. Achieving the dream of homeownership takes a village, and we help each other, our clients, our partners, and our community when help is needed. We see people, not credit scores.

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2. Community

We take a community-focused approach to the services we provide. Our actions should and do improve our communities. As both a company and the staff as individuals, giving back and adding value to our communities is a high priority. We do this through leadership roles in local foundations that raise and donate funds to nonprofits and organizations that help the people who need it most. In several vital ways, serving as volunteers as a team, holding successful fundraisers throughout the year, and involvement with Habitat for Humanity, we always jump in and lend a hand (or several!) at any opportunity we can help and improve our community. In 2022 alone, we have helped raise close to $70k to help local organizations.  

3. Innovation

Along with our people-first, community-focused approach, innovation is a foundational keystone at Belay. We have developed, adapted, and implemented several technologies, systems, and processes that ensure we can work smartly, efficiently, effectively, and quickly. We believe in lifelong learning, continuous improvement, remaining flexible and agile, and always being open to new ideas. This enables our team to continuously integrate ideas, technologies, and processes to learn, improve, and adapt, which makes us better at our jobs and able to provide a superior client experience. 

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4. Tenacity

Anyone who has worked in the mortgage lending or related industry knows that it takes confidence, persistence, problem-solving, and candor to be successful in this field. We are tenacious when it comes to getting a loan approved and are committed to providing impeccable client service while doing so. We work relentlessly and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to ensure our clients get fast, fair, and competitively priced loan approvals. Tenacity and perseverance are in our culture, and we work creatively and quickly to get to yes.  We believe there is almost always a solution to get to a yes. Because of this, we never agree to a loan not making approval status without doing everything we can to get us to approved.

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5. Transparency

We communicate consistently, honestly, openly, and transparently with our clients, our partners, our team, and our affiliates at every step of the process. Trust is key for strong relationships, which is what our business and success is built upon. We make sure to communicate in a way that is easily understood by everyone.

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Our team of top-notch mortgage advisors will guide you through the financing process with services that are tailored to your unique goals and needs. Our team is based in Vancouver, WA, and we offer mortgage brokerage and consulting services across Washington, Oregon, and California.